Kylie s new years resolutions

Kylie s new years resolutions

Jan 12,  · Kylie Jenner has revealed her “vibe” for The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 18, opened up on her mobile app Tuesday about her New Year’s resolutions Author: Elizabeth Vanmetre.

So when the New Year comes around I feel a lot of hope, like anyone else, but that hope is often matched with anxiety.

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Will I live up to my expectations of myself this year? Can I handle the failure? I am outwardly an extremely positive person…but I too struggle with self doubt. But to my relief, my instructor Alex was not interested in material or physical resolutions at all.

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She prompted us to reflect inward and recognize anything that had emotionally weighed us down in She passed out little pieces of paper and pens, and as we focused on our breathing and let our minds be still, we had the opportunity to jot down what was in our hearts. I found so much relief in these few moments. And as I read this list following the class I thought, these are the exact things holding me back from my goals.

Kylie s new years resolutions

I can allow myself to get so caught up in worldly things, which in turn causes me to feel disconnected from my own heart. And by stressing about things I cannot control, I rob myself of the joys of life. So, of course, there are things I want to achieve this year. But in the stillness of my mind in that yoga class Saturday morning, I more specifically listed these few things.

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I want to spend time with God, and love my body. I want to allow time to stand still. And those words poured from my heart when I finally allowed it to speak to me.

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Breathe it out, and breathe in love and contentment. I love pets. I have two beautiful thai cats called Tammy female and Yommo male. Yommo is 1 year older than Tommy.

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He acts like a bigger brother for her. Thank you so much for your support! I am allergic to cats but SUCH a cat lover!!! They sound precious. Thank you! I always needed to write on my website something like that. Can I implement a portion of your post to my website?

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    I sometimes struggle to set goals for myself for fear of failure.

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    Kylie s new years resolutions

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