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How would you rate your experience with Albertsons? The original store had free parking, a money-back guarantee on products and an ice cream parlor, all firsts at the time. In , the company begins building superstores and starts to phase out its traditional grocery locations.

Question 1: What is the phone number for Albertsons?

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Answer 1: The phone number for Albertsons is Question 3: Who founded Albertsons? Answer 3: Albertsons was founded by in. Tagged as: albertsons corporate address , albertsons corporate headquarters , albertsons corporate office , albertsons corporate office address , albertsons corporate office email , albertsons corporate office fax , albertsons corporate office phone , albertsons corporate office phone number , albertsons customer complaint desk , albertsons customer complaints , albertsons head office , albertsons headquarters , albertsons home office , albertsons main office.

Goleta, ca el camino real plaza Albertsons sells old food in the deli. July, 3, I went to your location on Bell Rd.

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Oh, I like to know why you sell bottles of salad dressing with MSG in them, as that item was banned years ago due to health issues????? You also sell soups that have GMO in them. Also, human food products from China were banned years ago due to health issues and that should include animal food products. Bottom line money is more important to you than a safe food item on the shelf.

Sent my son to the Albertsons on Archibald and scheilsman in Eastvale California to get me a bottle of robitussin cough syrup. He came home with a bottle of the medication being so sick was not thinking about checking the bottle.

I still have the expired medication and seriously thinking of what to do next. And by the way still sick and went in to see my doctor. I now walk out the door trying to wiggle pass people entering the store and Girl Scouts, Parents of Girl Scouts and a large table with Girl Scout Cookies, I get to my car and continue to load groceries into my car when one of the employees is yelling at me to quit putting the groceries into my car accusing me of stealing the groceries also saying that one of the Girl Scouts saw me sneak out of the store without paying is this your security a 10 year old Girl Scout?

I was humiliated by the accusation and the way I was talked to by this employee who ever she is. There is a Ralphs and a Stater Bro. Funny thing also is I am self employed and have my Logo on the side of my vehicle with a phone number and parked directly in front of this store.

Is this a way to treat loyal customers?

There were none. What gives??? One of your manager Terri have no customer service skill.

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In the need of training, to treat everyone fair. Whats wrong with black people pulling in carts. Quit making a big deal out of nothing. All Lives Matter.

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Just do what you were hired to do, equal work ethics. Never seen any other store that runs ads the way they Albertsons does.

Albertsons Corporate Office

Good BY Albertsons. I think this is a problem industry wide and is due to computer tag generation and the huge number of similar items. I was witness to her very unprofessional behavior on numerous occasions. Shasta likes to yell at the courtesy clerks who are kind, respectful, hard-working young men, about carts not being cleared from the parking lot.

I arrive at the store early and notice the parking lot is full of carts before many of the courtesy clerks start their shifts.

The managers in charge of the night crew are not doing their jobs to make sure the carts are being cleared, which doubles the workload for the next shift. Courtesy clerks should not be yelled at to clear the parking lot of carts as soon as they arrive at work, when the blame lies on the courtesy clerks before them who did not do their jobs.

My husband and one of the courtesy clerks have something in common. They both served in the U. Air Force. Shame on Shasta for taking her frustrations out on courtesy clerks. All employees should be treated with respect. Veterans especially who fought for our country should not be treated with disrespect. What Shasta is doing is verbal abuse. I thought Albertsons treats all customers and employees with respect?

I am shocked to have witnessed this unprofessional behavior from a Store Director. I have lost respect for this store director and will be letting all my neighbors know about how she treats her employees. Shasta is also not listening to the employees. Shoplifting is rampant in this store. I saw a man carry cartons of beer and food out of the store, and no one stopped him.

I was shocked to overhear that Nicky, a manager at this store, wanted the courtesy clerks to wash trash cans and place them on the shelves for the customers to purchase. This is a health code violation and if I find out the courtesy clerks followed her orders and placed these used trash cans on the shelves to be sold, I will be reporting this incident to the Health Department.

Because of the drug users coming into the store, there should not be an open food bar. They walk right out of Albertsons without paying for the food they just ate. Obviously, no one is watching the Wing Bar. I will be alerting the Health Department about this situation. The money it is costing to renovate this store should be spent on raising salaries and hiring security to prevent people from stealing.

This in turn, might lower the price of food customers pay to offset the loss of foot from shoplifters.

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This store is in a high-crime drug area and should have armed security. The casinos have armed security, why not supermarkets? Need to change the word foot to food. Meant to say This in turn, might lower the price of food customers pay to offset the loss of food from shoplifters. I was just at A in El Cajon, Ca. I waited in line for 10 minutes while the cashier Sherry or may have been Shelly gossips with customer while I and 3 others waited in line.

When by patience wore out, I politely asked to be excused so I could exit the line and got verbally abused by both the cashier and the customer, needless to say I will not be spending my hard earned dollars here in the future.

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Suggest cashier be given some customer service skills! The employees at the Safeway Polson store are top notch excellent customer oriented employees.

I have enjoyed shopping at the Albertsons in Banning, CA since For the last two years, however, the customer service has been in decline while prices are no longer competitive with nearby stores. After speaking with a worker, I was informed that since the merger with VONS, new systems of management have been put into place.

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  • The worker spoke about the inequity in worker pay compared to employees at the VONS store in Redlands. Albertsons was once a bustling supermarket, it is now slow even on payday. The vibe in the store reminds me of Kmart, before it started going out of business. Management needs to change. Please treat your employees better! Today I made two trips to the store to buy two items for a family gathering.

    Each time it took me a minute to pick up the items and 30 minutes to check out. There were three check stands open and 10 people at each stand waiting impatiently, including the 15 items or less. Almost every time I go in the store there are lines with minimal stands open. That sign has been removed as of a few months ago. I asked the checker what was happening and she said she was sorry but it was out of her hands.

    Many retirees are complaining and going to Walmart and Stater Bros.

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  • Stater Bros never has more than three customers waiting. I concur.

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  • Customer service at this store is poor. At one time, they had the best customer service out of all the local supermarkets. Patronage at this store is in decline. Management needs to improve if it wishes to remain competitive. I have worked in customer service my entire life and have never taken anything to corporate before today. I moved to Bakersfield in November of and -unfortunately — did not have a car out here. The first time I received rotten produce, I thought perhaps it was a singular experience and I would give them another go as it was my first time ordering, and therefore, I had no experience to the contrary.

    Each delivery I have gotten since that firs delivery has contained at least one rotten or long expired product. You lost a customer a high paying customer. It would be one thing if it was a sporadic occurrence but this is something that happens so often that I am disgusted and SHOCKED that a store would deliver to families with such a blatant disregard for their well-being.

    Wait — you can’t afford to miss this!

    I cringe, thinking about elderly people who can not shop for themselves and may not check their produce, fresh and canned foods before consumption. Greater never having to visit any of your stores again! I am OUT goodbye forever.