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Dec 07,  · What You Need To Know About Christmas Coffeehouse To Santa or to Scrooge? by Shana Patterson Liberty University Dec 7, views. views. comments. Twice a year, Liberty University has a spectacular thing called, "Coffeehouse." 9 Extremely Underrated Netflix Shows And Movies That Will Keep You Up Until AM This Summer by Rhea Author: Shana Patterson.

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  • Twice a year, Liberty University has a spectacular thing called, "Coffeehouse. It's a production that is held together by the student body and their ability to act, sing and have fun.

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    I mean, we think it's all fun and games until Who is involved in LU Coffeehouse? We've got the tall and thin ones like Buddy!

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    Or even the short and stubby ones like Scrooge! But don't be a Scrooge - he's not the best person to be, especially at Christmas time.

    What is involved in LU Coffeehouse? Everything BUT coffee! Just countless hours of practice Countless moments of tears Countless minutes of "Why me? When is LU Coffeehouse?

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  • The first day of finals, which is December 11th. Call me crazy, but staying up at p. You have a reason to be out past curfew.

    Beats me, but being out past curfew is kind of nice Where is LU Coffeehouse? It's at the Vines Center. Where else would 15, students sit? I mean, there's always Thomas Roa - nah!

    Not at all! You'll see that even this Vines Center is sold out!


    How is LU Coffeehouse fun? Because its the first day of finals - you need a way to relieve stress! How else is LU Coffeehouse fun? It shows the sides of people you never knew.

    One can recall the countless times where you did not know that a certain person had that talent! You kind of wonder when their talent will be revealed then you come to Coffeehouse and BAM! In other words, LU Coffeehouse is a great excuse to be out past curfew, spend time with friends, sing carols with friends, and maybe, bring out your inner elf or Santa.

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